Treatments Offered

Acupuncture: The placement of very fine, sterile needles along energy meridians of the body to facilitate the free flow of qi ( energy of the body ) and blood, restoring balance and the bodies self-healing ability.

Cupping: Suction created within a thick glass cup is applied to massage the body releasing tension and stagnation of qi and blood.

Reiki: A Japanese technique of energy work that helps the body reach a state of equilibrium enabling it to heal itself.

Moxibustion: An herbal heating treatment to stimulate, tonify and warm the channels of the body.

Guasha: Scraping of the skin with a blunt instrument to promote circulation and release external toxins.

Chinese Herbs: All natural products used in combinations to treat  individual conditions.  Herbs support the systems of the body to restore homeostasis thus allowing the organ systems to function as intended.

Electrical Stimulation: Very low current to heighten stimulation at certain points, typically used in pain treatment.

Tuina: A style of Chinese massage used to release tension in areas of the body and promote health of the internal organs.

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