Boost Your Holiday Season Now!!


With Halloween just weeks away, the Holiday season is upon us!!  Lots of fun and festivities ahead…….first Halloween-costume parties and sneaking candy while waiting for the next ghoul/goblin to appear; then Thanksgiving sneaks up on us with family gatherings and celebrations providing many tastebud tantalizers; Christmas parties, cookies, rich treats and libations abound and finally New Year’s Eve to complete the season!!  Can’t wait!!!  However…….

I cannot stress enough “an ounce of prevention” during this time of year.  All the long awaited occasions and celebrations are so exciting and fulfilling, but can also be very taxing on our digestive systems.  If digestion isn’t functioning properly,  many systems of the body will be sluggish and unable to properly perform their functions for optimum health and wellbeing.

In Chinese  Medicine, the Spleen system/energy channel/meridian is responsible for our digestive function.  If not functioning well, we are more prone to common colds, influenza and allergies.  The Spleen system is also where the blood originates and is responsible for water metabolism in the body when processing food.  The flavor of the Spleen system is sugar….so if you crave sugar, most likely your Spleen system needs boosting.  The more sugary, rich foods in party amounts that we eat, the more the digestion is taxed causing it to become sluggish and unable to do it’s job effectively….causing gas/bloating, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, stress, mood swings and many other symptoms.  Giving your body quality fuel/food in adequate amounts will allow the digestive process to perform it’s function optimally allowing your body to support your every whim….

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are the perfect way to boost and support your digestion.  Starting treatments and herbs before the festivities begin will help your system handle what coming it’s way and allow you to feel and look your best straight through to 2020!!

A Votre Sante!

Fall is just around the corner…..

Autumn…begins on Monday!!  Each season brings new air, light, temperature and energy.  Knowing what each season  brings will help keep you feeling tip top!  Fall is the season of the Lung; it’s emotion is sadness; it’s color is white; it’s a dry season and it corresponds to the skin.

Dryness is related to the lungs and can manifest as thirst, itchiness, and dry skin, nose, lips and throat.  When the mucus membranes are dry, they can crack allowing external pathogens to get in causing such conditions as asthma, bronchitis, strep throat and even allergies/sinus infections to develop.  Some foods that can moisten the lungs are: spinach, seaweed, almonds, honey, rice, pears, millet, apples, eggs and clams.  Of course, drinking plenty of water will also be helpful.

The Lungs produce energy for the body by combining energy from air and food.  The Lungs are paired with the Large Intestine; one for taking in and the other for letting go.  If the Lungs are dry, the Large Intestine can also be dry. So keeping the Lungs moistened healthy is obviously very important.

Strong Lungs/LI will allow the body to hold onto what is needed and let go of what is not needed.  When sadness and grief are not resolved, a weak Lung system will result.  Three areas that can indicate poor lung health are: sinus/bronchial problems; vitality of the skin or lack of; and the amount/quality of mucus.

Strengthening the Lungs by eating nourishing foods, getting plenty of rest/exercise, and dealing with your emotions will help you get through Fall without developing Fall allergies or other upper respiratory ailments.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal formulas are another way to have your Lung system evaluated and boosted to get you through Fall without any upper respiratory ailments or discomfort and will help to keep your digestive tract functioning properly.  An ounce of prevention…….

A Votre Sante!!

No Place for ILLNESS……

The Chinese Classic, Nei Jung, says if the body, mind and spirit are one there is no place for illness….

That says it all… it’s all about balance. There are many ways to attain balance in one’s life and it’s different for each of us. Some fish; some dance; some whittle….it depends on the person. Of course taking good care of yourself is paramount; good sleep, lots of water, exercise, wholesome foods and de-stressing…the last one is usually easier said than done.

Acupuncture is a great way to handle the way your body deals with stress. It’s all about the body’s energy and getting/keeping it balanced so that it can resume self-healing as it was meant to.

Stress is a factor in most people’s lives and often so long standing and builds gradually that it just seems like normal life.  Emotional stress is the most obvious form, but there are many other forms; too much heat or cold, too much spicy food/alcohol, too much food for the digestive system, lack of sleep, and the list goes on….once again BALANCE!!

Acupuncture encourages the body to re-balance it’s energy through the encouragement of the Acupuncturist’s skills….finding the “root” cause of an issue and using Acupuncture points to resolve the issue.  The point prescription will handle the areas of imbalance in the energy system and promote optimum well being.  Your most stressful day will soon become a breeze….the stressors won’t disappear, but you’ll respond differently to the stress and just let it role off……

Balancing your energy will improve all areas of  your life and maintaining the balance will prevent other adverse conditions from developing in the future!!

A Votre Sante!

Allergies, Anyone???

Allergies, anyone??? Runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, post nasal drip and the list goes on….Ideally, we would have started treating these symptoms a month before they surfaced. This year’s weather made predicting the arrival of “Spring” allergy symptoms almost impossible, but now we’re here with full on misery.

Chinese Medicine is very effective in treating and often preventing your symptoms from occurring. I have three “magical” herbal formulas that dry me right up within an hour!! Regular Acupuncture treatments coupled with Chinese herbs are a powerful combination that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather!!

If you are not a fan of needles and can’t remember to take your herbs, here a few things you can do to help:

1.Take your shower before bed-allergens are in your hair and on your skin. You will breathe in pollen all night long if you shower in the morning!

2.Abstain from refined sugar, dairy and wheat until symptoms pass as these all produce mucus in the body adding to your discomfort!

3. Rinse your sinuses via Netti Pot or in the shower to remove allergens.

4. Drink plenty of water to loosen secretions.

These practices will help you through allergy season and perhaps you will consider Acupuncture or Chinese herbs to alleviate your symptoms in the future!!

A Votre Sante!!

What Does Acupuncture Treat?

When people think of Acupuncture, they often think “it’s good for pain, but I don’t have any.” True, acupuncture is very effective for pain, but also a plethora of other conditions and ailments, chronic and acute.

Each internal organ has a biological function, as well as a number of other functions as defined by ancient Chinese scholars.  For instance, the liver organ is known to detoxify the blood, while the liver system in addition controls the eyes, nails, tendons and sinews and the gambit of emotions we experience.  So if you are experiencing dry eyes, for instance, a treatment to balance the liver system would most likely resolve this issue.  If you have decreased appetite or suffer from seasonal allergies, the spleen system may need a tune-up.   Edema or swelling would point to the kidney system and so on.

An acupuncturist diagnoses a condition by the symptoms presented, feeling the pulses and looking at the shape and color of the tongue.  This data helps determine the root cause of the problem so that a treatment plan can be developed and implemented to allow the body to heal itself.

Patients will often choose regular treatments to maintain balance and support the immune system to prevent adverse conditions from developing.  Quarterly treatments are also a great way to prevent the symptoms that often develop with each season.  Treatments about a month before a season can prevent allergies, common colds, heat rashes, asthma and many others.

If you haven’t tried acupuncture, now is the perfect time to explore its many benefits to enhance your health and well being!

A votre sante!

Brenda Terry, MAcOM, LAc