What Does Acupuncture Treat?

When people think of Acupuncture, they often think “it’s good for pain, but I don’t have any.” True, acupuncture is very effective for pain, but also a plethora of other conditions and ailments, chronic and acute.

Each internal organ has a biological function, as well as a number of other functions as defined by ancient Chinese scholars.  For instance, the liver organ is known to detoxify the blood, while the liver system in addition controls the eyes, nails, tendons and sinews and the gambit of emotions we experience.  So if you are experiencing dry eyes, for instance, a treatment to balance the liver system would most likely resolve this issue.  If you have decreased appetite or suffer from seasonal allergies, the spleen system may need a tune-up.   Edema or swelling would point to the kidney system and so on.

An acupuncturist diagnoses a condition by the symptoms presented, feeling the pulses and looking at the shape and color of the tongue.  This data helps determine the root cause of the problem so that a treatment plan can be developed and implemented to allow the body to heal itself.

Patients will often choose regular treatments to maintain balance and support the immune system to prevent adverse conditions from developing.  Quarterly treatments are also a great way to prevent the symptoms that often develop with each season.  Treatments about a month before a season can prevent allergies, common colds, heat rashes, asthma and many others.

If you haven’t tried acupuncture, now is the perfect time to explore its many benefits to enhance your health and well being!

A votre sante!

Brenda Terry, MAcOM, LAc

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